ENGLISH Deep dive: Square of Values, Virtues and Development

Online-Seminar via Zoom

A universal key for personal growth, tolerance of ambiguity, empathy and feedback.

Schulz von Thun has said that the Square of Values and Development changed his way of seeing the world, and we believe it has the potential to change yours as well.

One of our universal keys to understanding all types of interpersonal interaction, the Square of Values and Development is a truly multifunctional tool whenever you need to understand opposites, contradictions, polarizations, or dilemmas. We also use it for self-reflection and personal growth, as a counselling square, a challenge square, a life-philosophical balance square, a cultural square and, particularly in leadership training, a feedback square.

The basic idea of the model is quickly grasped, making it easy for participants to follow the examples given in training or in books. However, our real-life experience has demonstrated that it takes some practice and reflection to fully understand the potential of the model and to be able to apply it for yourself. That's what we want to give you in this half-day deep dive.

Attention: This seminar takes place online via zoom!

To participate online, you will need the following:

  • the software program Zoom, which you can download for free at www.zoom.us
  • a computer equipped with a camera
  • a quiet location free of distractions where you can fully engage
  • depending on the quality of your microphone and speakers, you may prefer to use a headset (our prior experience has shown that the built-in microphone on your computer is usually sufficient)
Facilitator: Anna Fuchs
Fee: 325,- € plus VAT