ENGLISH Deep dive: The Communication Square – a tool for clear, concise & coherent communication

Online-Seminar via Zoom

A practical approach to dealing with the complexity of human interaction.

Most of our daily interactions feel smooth and effortless. But there are times when communication can be extremely complicated. These are the moments that make life difficult for many of us.  Not only the content can be understood or misunderstood.  Assumptions about the relationship and the way we talk to each other can be accepted or rejected. Implicit and explicit requests can be granted or not, and self-disclosure, what people show about themselves (consciously or unconsciously), will trigger something in the other person.

The Four Sides Model is Schulz von Thun's best-known model, widely used in business and non-profit organizations, comprising an essential part of leadership training and education in general, and nowadays widely-used well beyond the German speaking community.  

It states that every act of human communication should be considered from four sides (objective content, self-disclosure, relational message, and appeal).

The model helps to:

  • analyze annoyances, misunderstandings and conflicts,
  • pay attention to verbal and non-verbal cues,
  • prepare for challenging encounters,
  • improve the ability to analyze and manage differences in communication styles,
  • communicate more clearly and coherently.

With this highly-interactive training in English, we want to give participants the opportunity not only to get to know the models in all their facets and to improve their understanding of communication processes, but also to improve their ability to read and convince all kinds of stakeholders in a clear, concise and coherent way.

Attention: This seminar takes place online via zoom!

To participate online, you will need the following:

  • the software program Zoom, which you can download for free at www.zoom.us
  • a computer equipped with a camera
  • a quiet location free of distractions where you can fully engage
  • depending on the quality of your microphone and speakers, you may prefer to use a headset (our prior experience has shown that the built-in microphone on your computer is usually sufficient)
Facilitator: Anna Fuchs
Fee: 325,- € plus VAT