The Schulz von Thun Institute for Communication

The Schulz von Thun Institute for Communication was founded by Prof. Friedemann Schulz von Thun in order to guarantee publication and further development of his teachings even after his retirement from the University of Hamburg. Apart from open training courses for varying target groups, the Schulz von Thun Institute develops individually suitable training courses and, moreover, organizes lectures as well as individual coaching and conflict clarification assistance for public and private enterprise institutions in Germany and abroad (also in English language). For more than 40 years, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Schulz von Thun has been acting as coach and trainer for economic and social institutions. His publications are regarded to be a standard work in communication psychology. His best known models are the “Square of Communication” and the “Inner Team”. His models became clear and practicable by means of his books (“Miteinander reden”) and seminars which always aim at a true connection between superior proficiency and developed human nature. 25 experienced trainers build the team of the Schulz von Thun Institute for Communication, and, for many years, they have been organizing lectures, courses, consultations and team developments on basis of the Schulz von Thun way of comprehension in communication, and moreover, they also stand out with own publications.